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About the service

Humanist Celebrant Botanical Gardens

The service is usually in several parts, accompanied and separated by music. As a whole, the service will include a condensed history of the life of the deceased, painting a recognizable portrait for those present, and will usually take less than an hour.

The first piece of music sets the mood as the bereaved enter the hall . Once they are seated the music may be faded out; alternatively, it could continue till the celebrant is ready to start the service.

The next part of the service will be family and close friends contributing readings and reminiscences, the order and duration having been decided in advance.

After another musical interlude, you may wish to invite some of those present to share their memories, concluding with a period of quiet reflection.

The final piece of music, which is often livelier and uplifting, will then be played, and continues until the celebrant has led the family from the hall, followed by everyone else present.

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