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Nick Sheridan Humanist End of Life Celebrant

Much of my life has been in the "people" business, where I've been able to hone and enhance my natural empathy. Helping patients at our local health clinic, organizing meetings for residents who are anxious about changes in the neighborhood, singing in a local chorus.

My twenty years as a caterer and event planner taught me how to help people celebrate both the sad and joyous events in their lives. I learned to listen to their wishes and needs, be they spoken or unspoken.

In this, the third stage of my life, I want to help humanists and other non-religious people create a fitting and worthy send off for their loved ones. Together we can plan a service which both memorializes and celebrates the unique circumstance of a life.

Funerals and memorials can be stressful and take an emotional toll on the bereaved. Whatever the circumstances, as a celebrant, I am glad to be able to use my skills and training to create the best possible ambience for this final transition.

The Humanist Society
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